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Workspace where teams of managers, engineers, and data specialists cooperate to create AI-powered solutions.

Use Prompt Mixer to create prompts and chains
Easily compare with different models
Everything you need for
a comprehensive evaluation
Use cases
Elevate your productivity

Essential elements 
for prompt сreation

Use Prompt Mixer to create prompts and chains. Combinе your chains with datasets and improve with AI.

Create prompts using Markdown. Easily create prompts and even whole chains.

Automatic version control. Track, save, and tag your prompt iterations.

Effortlessly enhance prompts for large language models using Prompt Mixer's recommendations or with a single click.

Datasets in Prompt Mixer allow you to incorporate datasets into your prompts, where each dataset item becomes an accessible "option" or "variant" within the prompt.

Prompt engineering
guided by testing

Comparison between multiple promps, chains, parameters, and even model suppliers

Integrate Prompt Mixer with popular AI providers, both open-source and proprietary, using built-in or custom connectors.

Prompt Mixer allows you to create, store, and manage AI-generated logs containing input, output, configuration details, and feedback in a concise format.

Everything you need for
a comprehensive evaluation

Develop a comprehensive set of test scenarios to assess various prompt and model pairings, determining the optimal combination for diverse use cases.

Built-in evaluation metrics. Prompt Mixer allows you to validate your output using techniques like regex matching, semantic similarity, JSON schema validation, or an external API endpoint

Custom Evaluation Metrics. Run custom Javascript or Python code to evaluate the output of any prompt.

Use cases
Elevate your productivity

Incorporate Prompt Mixer into your everyday tasks, from creating content to conducting R&D. Prompt Mixer can streamline your workflow and boost productivity.

Create sales pitch
Marketing collateral
SEO blog posts
Email generator

Content generation

Use Prompt Mixer to efficiently create, assess, and deploy content generation models for various applications such as blog posts and emails.

Contract data extraction
Q&A over insurance docs
Q&A over transactions
Invoice data extraction

Work with your data

Use Prompt Mixer to extract or merge data in a completely secure manner and easily monitor it after deployment.

Personal use

Free forever
All main functions
Community support

Team work

from $29 per month
All features from the Free Plan, plus
AI features
Synchronization of chains and outputs between devices
Collaboration on prompts
Business support


Custom price
All features from the Team Plan, plus
Role-based access controls
Deploy prompts to API endpoints
Business support
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